Take It Away

Description: 32 count 2-wall line dance   
Level: Beginner
Choreographer: Joanne Brady (Delaware)& Max Perry (Connecticut)
Music: "Take It From Me" by SCOOTER LEE
from Scooter Lee's "Honky Tonk Twist" CD Album

Dance begins on vocals.

2 SHUFFLES--R shuffle forward,
Left curving shuffle turning 1/2 R--
(Step L forward, Step R together starting 1/2 turn R, Step L back completing R 1/2 turn.)

(R,L,R L,R,L)

ROCK, STEP--Step back on ball of R, replace weight forward to L


2 STOMPS--Stomp R together, Stomp L in place

R VINE & TRIPLE-- Step side R, Cross L behind R, Step R,L,R in place

(R,L R,L,R)

L VINE & TRIPLE-- Step side L, Cross R behind L, Step L,R,L in place

(L,R L,R,L)

STEP, HITCH & SLAP--Step forward R, Hitch L knee and Slap with R hand, Step forward L, Hitch R knee and Slap with L hand


HIP BUMPS & CLAPS--Step side R and Bump R hip to R, Bump L hip to L, Clap hands three times

(R,L, 3 claps)

FOUR 1/4 TURNS L--Step forward on R, turn 1/4 L putting weight on L, repeat three times


Start again from beginning of dance!

ENDING: Dance ends with the hip bumps & claps. Do only one hip bump R and then clap 3 times to finish with the last beat of the song.

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