Last Time Slide

Description: 32-Count 4-Wall Line Dance
Level: Intermediate
Choreographer: Max Perry   (203) 798-9312
Music Suggestions: "Last Time Uh-Huh '97" by Scooter Lee


1,2,3,4 Touch Right heel forward, Touch Right toe to Right side
Stomp Right next to Left, Kick Right forward
& 5,6,7,8 Quickly bring feet together on Count &, Touch
Left heel forward, Touch Left toe to Left side, stomp Left foot next to Right, Kick Left forward

1,2 Left shuffle back L,R,L
3,4 Right shuffle back R,L,R
5,6 Foot switches similar to Tush Push--Step back on Left
Touch Right heel forward, together, touch Left heel, together,
7,8 Touch Right heel forward & Clap L,R,R,L,L,R, Clap

1,2 Right shuffle forward R,L,R
3,4 Step forward on Left, turn 1/2 turn, step in place L,R
5,6,7,8 Step forward with Left, slide Right foot forward, step Left forward making 1/4 turn Left, point Right toe to right side L,R,L,R

1,2,3,&4 Cross Right in front of Left, step Left to side, Cross Right behind Left
Step Left to side, step right next to Left
5,6,7,8 Step Left side, touch Right heel out to side, step in place, together (syncopated rhythm)
Step side, touch heel forward, Step in place, then step together

begin again.......

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