Pride and Joy Boogie

Description: 32 Count, 4 Walls
Level: Easy Intermediate

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Music: Pride and Joy
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1-8 Sailor Shuffles Point Ball Tap and Recover
(1&2, 3&4)
(2 Sailor Shuffles starting with left) Start with Left foot and cross behind Right stepping on it (1), step to the side right on the ball of the Right foot (&) and step in place left with the Left slightly forward (2), cross the Right foot behind Left stepping on it (3), step to the side left on the ball of the Left foot (&) and step in place right with the Right slightly forward and leave your body diagonal right corner(4).
(5&6, &8)
Point Ball tap by pointing Left foot side (toward the initial wall to me, this feels like forward since I am still addressing the first wall but my body has a diagonal) (5) and bring Left foot slightly back while doing a low hop onto Left (&), cross Right in front of Left and tap (keep weight on Left) (6), hold (7), hop back on the Right foot (&), tap Left together with Right (8) by now your body has turned a quarter turn right (3:00) and you are facing the right wall. (The entire move goes toward the initial wall till the ending position where a new wall occurs).
9-16 Push Turn (pivot) step and Boogie Walks
Do a Push Turn (stationary pivot) by stepping forward with the Left foot (1), leave Right foot where it is and while turning 1/2 turn to the right (9:00) step on Right foot (2), step forward with the Left while turning a 1/4 turn right (12:00) (3), kick Right foot forward and slightly to the side (4)
Do 4 boogie walks with knees L, R, L, R. To do this you need to step quickly together with the ball of the Right foot (&), then stepping slightly forward (on the outside edge of the Left foot almost like a press) with the Left keeping feet pretty close together. At the same time you are pressing with the inside edge of the ball of the Right foot and keeping your knees together, both knees move to the left with the Right knee in the crook of the Left knee (5). Then switch sides with the knees by repeating the same thing but stepping forward with the Right foot and knees to the right with Left knee in crook of Right knee (6), repeat on Left (7), repeat on Right (8).
17-24 Side Slide and Drag with syncopated claps
(1, &4, 5 &8)
Step on a diagonal forward and side with the Left foot and drag the Right foot slowly together with the Left. This takes 4 counts and you circle your Right arm at the elbow and about waist level 3 times clockwise on 1,2,3, then clap twice quickly &4 (arm circle is optional) ending with a tap on Right foot together on 4. Then step on a diagonal forward and side with Right foot and drag the Left foot slowly together to the Right and repeat the arm circles counterclockwise and clap twice on &8 ending with Left tapped together.
25-32 Push Turn twice, clap, 1/4 turn left with heel pumps.
Do two Push Turns (stationary pivot) by stepping forward with Left (1) turning 1/2 turn (6:00) onto Right (2), then again step forward with Left (3) turning ? turn (12:00) onto Right (4). Bring Left to Right so feet are together and split weight and clap (5). Turn 1/4 turn left (9:00) with heels lifting and pumping down into the floor on counts 6,7,8. Feet stay together mostly with weight on Right and Left foot dragging a circle around the Right foot .

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